Upgrade to Bluetooth 5.2 with Built-in Noise Reduction Microphone

Touch screen stereo with bluetooth 5.2 is equipped with an intelligent noise reduction recognition chip, so you do not need to connect an external microphone. Not only can it make clear calls through Bluetooth hands-free, it can also display a complete ID3 tag (album, song, artist, etc.), which allows you to enjoy listening to music.

Dual USB Ports(support simultaneous use)

The advantage is that when one of the USBs is playing your favorite music or video, the other USB has a 2A fast charge function, which means it can charge various devices, such as Iphone, Ipad or Android phones, and there is no need to worry about emergencies .

The 16-segment EQ of DSP Can be Adjusted Customarily

You can customize and set Vbass, Balance, Emperor, EQ, Loudness, Filter and other functions according to your preferences. The independent EQ audio chip and superb sound effect settings built into the car stereo system will provide you with an wonderful music listening experience.

HD Waterproof Backup Camera

The touchscreen stereo support front/rear view, and the equipped reversing camera has 8 built-in LED lights, 170-degree wide-angle and waterproof design. It has the best visibility when reversing under any weather conditions! And the 20 (feet) cable length can meet your flexible wiring needs.
Note: (Excluding front-view camera) If you have an AV front camera, it also connect to this device. The way is to click the front-view camera icon on the main screen and get the front-view picture.

Support Steering Wheel Control

In order to give you a more convenient and comfortable experience while driving, you only need to use the buttons of the steering wheel to switch songs, adjust the volume, answer calls and other functions.

FM/AM/ 7 Backlight Colors

•2 din stereo has FM and AM, it has built-in advanced SI 4754 chip, which makes it not interfered by other signals. Even in rainy days or when driving on highways, you can clearly listen to real-time broadcasts, weather forecasts, and news, which will add a lot of fun to your driving.
•There are 30 preset radio stations (FM/18, AM/12), and you can save your favorite radio stations so that you won't miss them next time.

31 Custom Boot Screen Pictures

According to the car model, you can choose the screen picture from the included 31 car logos, which ensures that the screen picture perfectly matches your car logo when starting up. We try our best to unify the overall style and improve your driving and use experience.

Measure your 7inch screen accurately

Teach you to use the quickest and most accurate method to measure whether your car radio touchscreen is 7 inches. Many drivers often think of 6.2 inches as 7 inches. In this case, your experience will be greatly reduced. Hurry up and test it through this method!

Preamplifier and Subwoofer Output

•The preamplifier and subwoofer output allow you to expand your system by adding 2 amplifiers (and/or) signal processors. It means not only can you easily enhance the sound of your speakers, but also ensure that there is no sound distortion at maximum volume.
•The built-in subwoofer output makes it possible to provide seamless and smooth sound characteristics, and the sound effect is majestic and dynamic.